Interview Questions for Experienced WordPress Developers

#1. How to get the header file in WordPress theme? To get header file in WordPress theme, we use get_header(); tag. By default, it will get the header.php file. #2. How to display different header for a specific page in a WordPress theme? To display different Header for a specific page first will create a […]

WordPress Theme Development Interview Questions & Answers

Looking for WordPress Interview Questions & Answers about WordPress Theme Development, Here is the list of Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions with their answers explained. #1. What is WordPress Themes? WordPress theme defines the look and appearance of your website at the front-end, controls the website’s functionalities and workflow, and store the data at the […]

How to Create Nested Shortcodes in WordPress

Are you interested to learn about how to create nested shortcode or how to use shortcode inside shortcode in WordPress, Then this article is for you. The aim of writing this article is not just giving you the snippets for creating the nested shortcode, but also to make you understand how it actually works. So […]

Create WordPress Shortcode to Display Posts from Categories

In WordPress, it’s always fun to use shortcodes. They allow you to do so much with just a piece of code. In this article, I am going to show you about creating WordPress shortcode to display recent posts from a specific category and from multiple categories. Create Shortcode to display posts from a specific category […]

Create Shortcodes to Display Recent Posts With Parameters

If you want to know, how to create shortcodes to display recent posts without plugin then this article helps you to learn. To create shortcodes in WordPress, you should be familiar with how to create shortcodes and type of shortcodes in WordPress. Now let’s create a shortcode to display recent posts. To create shortcode copy […]

How to Remove Shortcodes from Excerpt & Content in WordPress

Is your WordPress website showing shortcodes in the excerpt or do you want to remove shortcodes from content?. Here are the code snippets that you can actually use to fix this issue and these snippets actually work for me. Remove Shortcodes From Excerpt In some WordPress websites, One thing I have noticed in their Excerpt […]

How to Find All the Active Shortcodes in WordPress

Shortcodes in WordPress is something that everyone loves to use. But sometimes, you don’t actually remember how many active shortcodes are there on your website. So here I will show you the easiest way to find all the active shortcodes on your website, and display them as a list of active shortcodes in WordPress Pages/Posts […]

How to Use Shortcodes in WordPress Page, Theme, Widget & PHP

If you are running a WordPress website or blog, then you must know what the shortcodes are. Now let’s see how to use shortcodes in WordPress Pages, template, theme, widgets and PHP. Using shortcodes in WordPress is pretty easy when it comes to adding them in pages or posts. But sometimes it can be a […]

How to Create Shortcode in WordPress – Explained by Example

Yes! you read it right. Creating your own custom shortcodes in WordPress is actually super easy. In one of my previous articles, I explained in detail about what are shortcodes. here I will show you, how to create your own shortcodes. WordPress provides a Shortcode API, this API contains lots of inbuilt functions that are […]

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