Can I Use Elementor Pro on Localhost, Subdomain & Staging Site

Most of the people, when they start building their website they generally set up and start it with localhost, staging site or with setting up a new subdomain.

And in that case, they seem to be curious about whether this needs additional elementor pro license.

So in general, you don’t need any additional elementor pro license to set up and start creating your website on localhost and your online website at the same time. However for staging sites and subdomains there are some limitations.

You can use elementor pro on the staging site or subdomain without any additional license, if your domain or subdomain name belongs to the list of domains that elementor pro gives to use without additional license.

I have listed all the top level domains and subdomains that don’t require additional elementor pro license in the table given below.

Top Level Domains  Subdomains
*.dev ( ) dev.* ( )
*.local ( example.local ) local.* ( )
*.staging ( example.staging ) staging.* ( )
*.test ( example.test ) test.* ( )
*.example ( example.example )
*.invalid ( example.invalid )

Top Level Domains: You can use elementor pro without any extra license if your domain name is something like, example.local, example.staging etc.

Subdomains: Let’s say your domain name is, now you can use the elementor pro on your subdomain or staging site that should be like, or etc.

So if you want to use elementor pro on your staging site or subdomain to build your website, test it’s functionalities and designs before making it live, then make sure your staging site domain or subdomain name should belong to the above list.