How to Change Page Name in Elementor (With Extra Settings!)

You can rename a page inside elementor through the page settings, and along with that you can also hide page title, and change template for that page in elementor.

Rename A Page in Elementor

  1. Click on the Settings icon at the bottom left inside elementor option panel. open-elementor-page-settings
  2. Change your page name in the title field and update it. rename-page-elemento

Change Page Status in Elementor

You can easily change your page status to private, draft and published through the status option under page settings.


Hide Page Title in Elementor

In the page settings, with the Hide Title option, you can hide page title for this page.


Change Page Layout in Elementor

You can change the layout of your current page using page layout option.

Here you will find different page layout options as per your theme along with Elementor Full Width and Elementor Canvas.


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