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Is Elementor Easy to Use And Learn?

Yes, Elementor is one of the most easiest website builder tool that one can learn and use very easily.  Elementor gives you the different options to design your website with real time visual editor and quick drag and drop options.

Along with there are so many other features that helps to build a fully functional and professional website with modern designs.

Is Elementor A Theme Or Plugin?

The Straight Answer is Elementor is a plugin but its more than that. Elementor is a complete website builder tool that offers you different pre-designed templates, landing pages, sections and much more.

Is Elementor Free Enough To Use?

Yes, you can use it free and for most the users and their websites, the free version is enough to use. But many other users wants to build their website with next level design and functionalities and they also want quick support when they need.

So If you are one of them then you can go with elementor pro. Elementor pro gives you so many other options and features additionally to make your website out from the crowd.

And on top of that, with the pro version you get the access to the elementor template library, updates and premium support.

Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

Yes, definitely without any doubt. with the pro version, you can integrate with e-commerce like WooCommerce, marketing platform and CRM tools, Form submission, Premium widgets like Popup builder, Multi-step form, Dynamic content integration, Custom Fields Integration and much more.

See all the features that comes with Elementor Pro.

Is Elementor Pro Lifetime or Do You have to pay for Elementor Pro every year?

As of now elementor pro doesn’t come with one time or life time payment option. You can get the elementor pro for an year and then you can renew it for next year.

Does Elementor Pro renews automatically?

Yes, it will renew automatically as per the due date of your plan. However you can disable the auto renewal by logging into your elementor pro account.

Do I need to install both Elementor and Elementor pro?

Yes, Elementor Pro is an extended version of elementor plugin. So to use elementor pro, you also have to install and activate the base elementor plugin. However if you just want to use the free version of elementor then you can simply install and activate it.

Is Elementor good for beginners?

A big YES, let me tell you why. Elementor is especially designed for the users have zero programming background. So they can easily create their websites or blogs with the real time visual editor and drag and drop option.

In addition to that, elementor also provides so many other useful features to make your website design and functionalities as the way you want.

Do Professionals use Elementor?

Yes, Professional WordPress developers, freelancers and agencies use Elementor pro to build websites for their clients. Cause elementor not just designed for the users but for the developers also.

Elementor gives a wide range of different functions, classes, API and other stuff, so the professional developers can easily create, customize and integrate any other functionalities with the elementor. Elementor has plans for the professionals and agencies to use it to build the websites for their clients.

Can I use Elementor without a theme?

No, elementor is a page builder tool that works with wordpress theme to design websites, landing pages, custom layouts etc. So you must need a WordPress theme to start with elementor page builder.

Can I use Elementor for multiple websites?

Yes, you can use elementor free version for multiple websites. To use elementor pro on multiple websites, you will have to purchase elementor pro with multiple website license.

Can I use Elementor Pro for multiple clients? Will my work disappear if I cancel Elementor Pro later on?

You can use elementor pro for multiple clients, and your work will remain there, but you will no longer get any support, and updates and access to the elementor pro templates. Along with this, all the pro widgets and features will automatically get disabled to use again.

Can I Delete My Elementor Account?

No, elementor doesn’t allow you to delete your elementor account, however, you can delete your elementor experts account if you have. Remember, elementor account and elementor experts account are different.

Can I Resell Elementor license?

No, elementor gives you the option to design or create websites for multiple clients as per their plans, but according to their terms, as they mentioned here,  you can not resell elementor license.

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