Can You Change Elementor Columns Height? (Explained!)

Elementor automatically sets the height of columns based upon the content they have inside. That means you can not adjust the height of a column in elementor.

So, if you are using two or more columns layout, then it will set the height for all the columns equal to the longer column in the layout.

Eg: As you can see in the below image, Column 1 and 2 has the equal height to Column 3, cause column 3 has a bigger image or longer content inside.

You Can Set (Minimum) Height for Section Not Columns

Elementor gives you the option to set the minimum height for the section that holds all the columns.

That means you can set a minimum height for a section as per your layout design requirements.

But this height will automatically increase if any of the columns it consists of have content that requires more height than the section minimum height.

To set the minimum height of the section, you can follow the steps:

  1. Click on the section and go to Layout tab.
  2. Go to Height and select minimum height in the dropdown.
  3. This will enable an option to set the minimum height for the section.
  4. Set the minimum height for section and save it.

You can see the process in the GIF image given below.


As of now, elementor doesn’t come with the option to set the height for columns, maybe they don’t want users to create uneven columns layouts.

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