Do Web Developers Use Elementor – Things You Should Know

As WordPress Developer myself, I am answering this based on my years of working experience with clients across the World.

Yes, Professional WordPress Developers use elementor & elementor pro to build websites for their clients, cause elementor is a super flexible page builder tool, that helps them to create awesome layouts & designs for the websites without creating most of the stuffs from scratch.

With Elementor, they also get different opportunities to make money. I have written a detailed article with the 5 most practical ways to start making money with elementor, where I have outlined, ways not just for WordPress developers but for bloggers and WordPress users as well.

Elementor Pro comes with so many in-built features for, e-commerce, marketing, advanced development, dynamic content management, and much more, that allow professional developers to use them directly as per the client requirements without writing extra code or adding plugins.

And WordPress developers who know programming stuff can easily create and manage custom development with elementor like creating custom elementor widgets, customizing existing elementor widgets & elements, work with templates, and settings, etc.

So by using elementor, they can not just only create websites with awesome layouts & designs, but they can also add custom functionalities to the website by using elementor developer resources.

Can I Use Elementor To Create Websites For Your Clients?

Yes, you can use elementor to create websites for your clients, if they are ok to build their website with elementor.

However, the use of elementor helps the website owners to easily manage and create new layouts and stuff with their website but using or not using page builders like Elementor, WP Bakery and others could be their individual choice.

Can I Start With Elementor Free or Will Have To Buy Elementor Pro?

You can start with Elementor Free but somewhere down the road, you will have to buy elementor pro, because the elementor free version has very limited features and no premium support including live chat.

On the other hand, if you buy Elementor Pro, you get access to the awesome elementor world, with elementor pro you can use all of its features, with regular updates & premium customer support.

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Can I Buy Elementor Pro License and Use it to Create Websites For Multiple Clients?

So this is something where you will have to pay attention to. Elementor Pro comes with different plans to use From A single website owner to a large website design agency.

So based on your requirements, you can buy elementor pro that fits right to you, and fulfill the needs of your work. Here are some of the highlighted features that you will get with elementor pro.

Elementor Plans Elementor Pro Can Use For Visit Elementor Pro
Essential 1 Website View Features
Advanced 3 Websites View Features
Expert 25 Websites View Features
Studio 100 Websites View Features
Agency 1000 Websites View Features

Do I Have to Keep Paying for Elementor Pro to Make Client’s Site Work?

Again, this is an important thing to keep in mind, if you have elementor license to use with multiple websites then I highly recommend you to keep renewing your elementor license to get the benefit of elementor features, updates, and support.

However, if for some reason you don’t want to renew elementor, then your client’s website will work as they working before but they and you get locked out to use elementor pro features.

And also their sites will work fine as long as they keep using their existing elementor free version. but if they make updates for their elementor free version without an active elementor pro license, then there is a huge chance their site can break or stop working.

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Can I Transfer Elementor Pro License From One Website To Another?

Yes, you can transfer your elementor pro license from one website to another. That means, if for some reason you want to connect your elementor license to another website then you can do this.

Additionally, You can check How to Transfer Elementor Pro License From One Website to Another.

Can I Remove Client’s Website From My Elementor License?

Yes, you can deactivate your client’s website from your elementor license via your elementor account, and there may be several reasons for doing so. some of the common reasons are:

  1. As per your contract with the client, you don’t want to provide the elementor pro services to a particular client anymore.
  2. The client asks you to remove the website from your license and they want to activate it with their own elementor license.
  3. The client doesn’t want to pay for elementor pro anymore, and their site is just increasing the total number of sites count available for your elementor license.

Can I Resell Elementor Pro?

No, Elementor doesn’t allow this. You can not resell elementor pro as per their terms, However, you can buy elementor pro plan to use multiple websites and use it to create websites for your clients.

Can I Make Money With Elementor

Yes, you can make money with Elementor in different ways, I have written a detailed article about making money with elementor where I have outlined different ways to make money with resources, but here I am listing out some of the most authentic & lucrative ways below.

  1. Start freelancing with Elementor Experts or other freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr.
  2. Get an Elementor affiliate account and promote Elementor Pro to your clients to earn an affiliate commission.
  3. You can also promote Elementor to your blog, website by writing about Elementor and how it can help people to build their website.
  4. Create & Sell Elementor Themes, Templates, & Plugins
  5. Create & Sell Elementor Add-ons
  6. Promote third-party Elementor add-ons and themes.

There could be many other ways to earn money with Elementor, however, as a freelance WordPress developer myself, I found these ways more effective and easy to make money with it.

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