Should You Use Child Theme with Page Builders (Explained!)

You don’t need a child theme if you are using page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, or any others and if you are not making any changes to your theme’s functionalities.

However, child themes are still important and useful in some cases but not for every WordPress user.

In this article, we will understand, do we still need to use a child theme with page builders like Elementor, Gutengurg, or any others.

Why Child Themes Are Not Necessary with Page Builders

Child themes are used to be extremely helpful & important when the page builders are not invented.

But these days, we have page builders and they give us different options to customize or design webpages without making any changes to the actual theme.

All the customization you make via these page builders is stored in the database, so later if your theme got changed or updated, you will not lose any customizations or settings with your website.

You don’t need a child theme if you are:

  • Using page builders to design or customize your webpages.
  • Using theme options (given by theme) to customize your webpages.
  • Not making programmatically changes to your theme.
  • Not adding code snippets directly into your theme.

When Do You Still Need to Use Child Theme

In some cases, you still need to use a child theme even if you are using page builders like Elementor, Gutenburg, or any others.

You should use a child theme if you are:

  • Adding custom functionalities to your theme.
  • Making changes in your theme’s functionalities.
  • Adding/Modifying templates in your theme.
  • Adding custom widgets to your page builders (Elementor, Gutenburg, etc).
  • Customizing page builders functionalities via theme (if you are not using separate plugin for that).
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