How to Create Image & Button Shortcode in WordPress

Looking for code snippets to create shortcodes for image and button in WordPress?. Here are the code snippets, Just add these snippets in your theme’s functions.php file and you are good to go. Create Image Shortcode To create image shortcode, all you need to do is just add this code into the functions.php file. Then […]

How to Enqueue Script and Style Only If Page Using Shortcode

Do you want to enqueue script and stylesheet only if the page uses a particular shortcode?. Here are the 3 methods with different scenarios to do that easily. Let’s understand them one by one. For all these 3 methods, Let’s assume 3 different cases. One for each method to get the idea of enqueuing only […]

How to Enqueue Scripts & Styles Only When Shortcode Exists

If you are working on a custom WordPress theme or integrating any plugin with your custom theme then there can be a chance where you just want to include javascript or CSS files only if a particular shortcode exists in your WordPress website. To check shortcode existence WordPress gives a function shortcode_exists($shortcode_tag). By using this […]

How to Enqueue or Include Scripts, JS, Jquery in WordPress

If you have just started with WordPress development, then enqueuing Scripts, Javascript, Jquery files and enqueuing CSS, Font-Awesome Icons, and Google Fonts in WordPress are one of the most important parts of WordPress development, that you must know. However, you can directly include any js file in WordPress by linking them in the header but […]

How to Enqueue CSS, Font-Awesome, Google Fonts in WordPress

If you are a newbie in WordPress development then enqueuing stylesheet, font-awesome icons, Google fonts, External stylesheet and enqueuing Javascript and Jquery in WordPress is something that you should take extra care. However, you can include CSS file or fonts in the header file or in the head section of your WordPress website but this […]

How to Fix Shortcode Outputs Before Content or Widget Title

If you are new to creating WordPress shortcodes, then you may have found this issue. In my early days, I got the same issue and after spending a lot of time on this, I found the solution. Fix Shortcode Outputs Before Content or Widget Title The only reason behind shortcode outputs before content or widget […]

How to Check if Shortcode already Exist in WordPress

Luckily, In WordPress 3.6.0, they have introduced a new function that will allow us to check the existence of shortcodes. By using shortcode_exists($shortcode_tag), A function that can easily check if any shortcode already available in WordPress or not. Eg: Let’s check for the default shortcode that comes with WordPress. You can also check the existence […]

How to Create Shortcode for Custom Post Type to Display Posts

Creating a shortcode for custom post types is always a good choice, no matter if you are working on a custom WordPress theme or building a plugin. When you create shortcodes for your custom post types, that means you are making it more useful and easy to the users. Here is the step by step […]

35+ Most Commonly Asked WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

Looking for some of the most commonly asked freshers to experience level WordPress interview questions and answers. Here is the complete list of interview questions and answers. So let’s check this out #1. How to get the header file in WordPress theme? To get header file in WordPress theme, we use get_header(); tag. By default, […]

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